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Hi Folks,
    Does anyone have a reliable way of checking that a Dell VS DAT tape is or is not mounted?  Although you can easily obtain a disk volume name using the "Extract" VSSUB, after a bit of testing and from what I can discern from the manual, it doesn't seem to work for a mounted tape name.  Just using a simple test backup to check that the tape is there can have its own problems and leave the target disk volume Protected, after bombing out because there was no tape.  
    The same thing happens in my main backup procedure occasionally when the tape has not been pre-mounted.  The first disk in the backup volumes list, remains protected by the User ID of the submitted background procedure.  This doesn't happen very often but seems to happen when there are two week days in a row when the backup tape has not been mounted (Easter Friday and Monday being an example).  My nightly scheduled procedure does not perform backups on weekends (and the tape does not get mounted either) but as some public holiday dates can change I did not include checking for those.
    My main procedure (that submits the backup proc) waits for the backup to have completed before it commences its own processing.  However, if the backup has not completed by midnight, the main procedure assumes the worst and kicks in and performs its nightly processing anyway.  It also puts up an operator message saying the backup failed and for operators to check the log.
    This normally works fine but it would be great to have a foolproof way to test whether or not the tape is there before submitting the actual Backup procedure.  Has anyone been able to extract DAT Tape names with the Extract VSSUB, or have any suggestions?  Thanks.
Ashley Adlam

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Just a quick update on this issue as it has been resolved satisfactorily. Thanks to Charlie Leach and Tom Junker for their feedback. I have now added a small routine which successfully extracts the tape name so that the nightly backup procedure performs its other tasks but totally skips the backup process if the tape is not mounted. Without that, it was periodically getting hung on an operator message and/or leaving the first input disk in protected mode.


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