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A program offering discounted performance tier upgrades has been formulated and approved internally, soon to be announced.  The idea is to make it easier and more affordable for customers to move up to a higher performance tier.  In the time of the New VS almost no customers have bought tier upgrades.  In fact, almost none has even inquired about them.  This in spite of the fact that all of us who have worked with the VS know that there has hardly ever been a VS site that didn't need and want greater performance.

My personal take on the situation is that even though the New VS is entirely virtual and even though its performance is determined by a simple license file, not by hardware, most sites are stuck in the old mentality that associates performance with hardware, and upgrades with uncomfortably high prices and install complexities.

So, sometime soon there will be an announcement of a time-limited, discounted tier upgrade program.  The discounts will be substantial and I hope that more than a few New VS sites will take advantage of the program.

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