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OK, this is the discussion of prospective electronic meetings, continued here from the forum topic about a user society.

We seem to have three time zone clusters of members:

1. U.S.

2. Europe

3. Australia

What I'd like to know from members in each time zone cluster is what local times of day will be most convenient for you to participate in electronic meetings.  On the surface it would appear that some members might like to participate during their business hours while many might prefer to participate during off-business hours.  Those who have current job responsibilities for VS or New VS operations might be able to justify work time, while the many who no longer work with the VS might prefer private time, perhaps evenings or weekends.  There's no point in trying to schedule any meetings until I have an idea of what times of day and days of the week will work for you.

a. What is your time zone?

b. What days of the week and hours of the day do you prefer for
    electronic meetings?  How about a secondary preference if your
    first preference can't be met?

c. Do you prefer voice conferencing, text conferencing or both?

Please post your preferences here.

Tom Junker

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Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Any week day from 09:00 to 18:00 should suit me.
Can also be available most evenings after 20:30 to 00:00
Prefer voice conference to text conference.

John Loughnan
I may try to do a meeting this weekend... on short notice, very informal, just to experiment with the technology and see who responds. Post here if you're interested.

Tom Junker
It's Sunday afternoon here in Cypress, Texas. If anyone responds to me by email or by posting here, I'll set up a test meeting now. I should be here through the evening.
Didn't hear from anyone, so Sunday was called off. Also by late Sunday the pain here got to be too much. It's Monday and it's still too much.
Only one person has responded to this topic. I'm still waiting to hear from others before scheduling the first meeting.
Health issues have prevented me from acting on electronic meetings so far. There will be news when there is news.


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