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We have a small .Net application for our sales and marketing employees and a New VS application which is the heart of our system.  Currently the .Net application sends orders to the New VS and the New VS returns an updated Inventory.  In order to transfer these files, we have to use Lightspeed on a PC in conjuction with an FTP server.  This process crashes several times a week.  Also the process is not real time.


We are looking for a way to improve this process.  Preferably, we would like to transfer information directly back and forth from the New VS to a SQL Server via a .Net application.  In addition we would like to send the information back and forth in as close to real time as possible.


Does anyone have any ideas if this can be accomplished?




Ryan Wood

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The Virtual Device Interface [VDI] could be used to write an interface between the two. TVS has a customer that has used VDI to write an interface to an Oracle database. If you have the programming resources, I think VDI is the most robust option for your needs.


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