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Feel free to post questions here about the New VS. Questions will be answered by site members who work for TransVirtual Systems and Lightspeed NVS.

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Your best bet is to direct your inquiry to TransVirtual Systems [TVS] at They will be able to answer your questions about Lightspeed licensing. I can say that if your customer has not been on Lightspeed maintenance since the ownership of the product changed, there will likely be a cost associated.

They will be able to provide you with quotes to on both Lightspeed licensing and maintenance and on the New VS. I am unsure as to whether there is an answer to the loss of the VS OS license but, it is worth asking.

Regarding the VS OS license, although there is no backup of the system volume, did you search the remaining volumes to see if a copy of the license file exists? Also, the TVS engineer has had some success resurrecting dead drives long enough to retrieve some of the files. Does the failed volume still exist? If so, please mention this, along with whatever you know about the nature of the failure and any recovery attempts, when you contact TVS.

Thank You Mr. Mitchell,

I will contact Transvirtual Systems.

I did search all volumes for libraries and files named LICENSE in vain.

Once I had the system up again from the replacement system disk, I tried to mount the failed volume SYSTEM without success.  Back in our lab I attempted again and also with the pcb of a known good drive.   No joy.  Then I dumped the failed HDA. 

Meanwhile I spoke with Mr. Jates whose company is distributor of the New VS in Belgium.

With kind regards,

Guy Lacroix


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