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Hello everyone. This topic is for ideas and discussion on how we might create an appeal for the New VS to non-VS markets. For example, I know of a former Wang language expert who has automated translation of RPG II dialects to COBOL 85. IBM left RPG II users on AS/400 systems hung out to dry in 2006. Perhaps a program of pulling RPG II shops over to the New VS might be formulated.

There are at least two components to exploring new markets. First is identifying such subsets of IT where some aspect(s) of the New VS could be held out to be appealing to those subsets. Second is figuring out how to contact the shops that make up such markets.

I have heard, for another example, that there are many companies, mostly smaller, running apps using rented time on other companies' IBM mainframes. Perhaps, with an idea of languages and OSs of such apps, something could be formulated to pull them over to the New VS, even to renting time on New VS systems at rates much lower than they are paying for IBM mainframe time.

Then there are VS verticals that already exist but are gathering dust on shelves around the world. Fundamentals like accounting and inventory control and general ledger and customer and order management may not actually go out of date, particularly if they are beefed up with some interoperability with non-VS systems to integrate into multi-platform shops.

I hope we can get some discussion going on this, and get some ideas on the table that can be explored.

I should point out that I am on the very beginning of the learning curve of how to configure and best use this "ning thing" that hosts our Wang VS community website. I can create separate topics for discussion but haven't figured out how and when to best do that, among many other things.

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Well Thomas... The very first thing that comes into my (marketing-oriented) mind is: why don't you put together on this website the potential advantages of using at all an NVS and techs details ? I mean, a good presentation of your product.

This to answer the very basic questions:
"me, potential customer, I use computers brand xxxx, now, why the heck would I have to change (meaning of course costs, time, etc) for the system you offer ? And your company being unknown in this field so far, what could make my company attracted by yours ?"

Personally, if I see very well the advantages for some company still using a Wang VS or more generally Wang systems - and there can't be so many -, I still do not see what it brings against all the very well known competitirs, that offer known systems, services, etc.

As an ex-executive of a company employing more than 6000 people in several countries, this above is really the first question that comes into my mind. Any major change of hardware in any company implies heavy costs - not only the computers themselves, but much more important, the personnel you need to retrain, etc.

Just a suggestion :0)
I have begun to build a Reference section in the form of a ning "group." I intend to populate it with features & benefits information about the New VS and the VS in general. This will involve restating many of the things we VS people already know but that people new to the VS do not know.
I now have a Features and Benefits document in the Reference Group on this site. To see the Reference Group you have to select Groups from the tabs at the top and then join the group. I have not found another way of adding reference documents to the site.
I thought that now that IBM are more interested in being a services company, than a hardware supplier, that approaching IBM Global Services on the basis of a joint-venture migration program for AS/400 RPGII legacy clients, would require a lower all round marketing resource than a direct confrontation.

This would overcome objections of size, continuity and histrionics of TVS and I then believe that the AS/400 RPG II developers would be so naturally attracted the New VS and it's 30 year old community of RPGII supporters the technical advantages would be seized immediately.

IBM also had a large number of legacy Federal Systems Division (FSD) specialist, SABRE etc, based around its 360/370 architecture. These were real-time based systems mainly and also NASA ( and for locality _ Houston ) had some of these systems for Apollo program telemetry applications. They may also have migration/hosting needs requiring hardware abstraction and this combined with IBM's LINUX imprimatur may provide another opportunity.

Just my thoughts <]:-)
After Alain's reply I thought about the future development of the NewVS.

Now it's time to install the NEWVS to those customer that still running on the legacy VS in order to save their invesments in various programms.

The second step is to present the advantages of the system for new customer that never worked on a VS, offering a software center that could help people in formation (basic NewVS use, PACE, etc.) and also in programming.

May be a representative in Europe would help.


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