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At least theoretically we have a VS Developer Program that can provide free VS and New VS software and licenses to bona fide developers who are not involved in "migrations" or other damaging conversions of VS sites to non-VS platforms. There are two fundmentally different ways that developers can gain access to the New VS:

1. With licenses and software through the Developer Program a developer can run the New VS on almost any Linux-capable PC, or in VMware Workstation on a Windows or Linux PC. Running the New VS in standalone mode requires dedicating a Linux PC to the purpose; running the New VS in WMware Workstation does not require dedicating a PC.

2. We can provide access to New VS systems hosted at our facilities in Texas and New York. This would require no dedication of a PC by the developer and no installation of local software other than the software necessary to access the New VS remotely.

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Is there a link and further information on the VS / New VS Developer program?
No. The way to proceed is to engage in a dialogue with TransVirtual Systems. You may contact me at tjunker at tjunker dot com. I am Vice President and am managing the program.

Thomas Junker


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