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I have already mentioned that I use AutoHotkey to extend the capabilities of existing New VS software. I've also mentioned that I use puTTY for secure communications with the New VS. What common tools do you use to extend the VS experience? I would sure like to see what everybody else out there is using.

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I asked on this blog in 2009 how to install a PDF printer on the New VS. Wim Stijnman gave me a solution. In the mean time I discover PDFCreator and I found it very usefull and user friendly.
You have a lot of possibilities like programming various virtual PDF printers with each a different fonction. For example, one may add a watermark, it could be your logo's, adress and more. You can direct give a path where your file will be registred on your windows server you can. This feature could be used for archiving all your documents produce by the New VS and to incorporate them in your document management system.
Great idea Bernard. I use an inexpensive PDF printer called "docuPrinter" on my Windows PC. I tried a few years ago to use it as a Lightspeed printer but it did not work due to the dialog that needs to pop up to enter the file name. I will definitely take a look at some of the Linux tools for PDF printing. Have you tried any PDF printers other than PDFCreator?
Hi Thomas. I tried "PDFill PDF and Image Writer", but I had the same problem you've got with docuPrinter. PDFCreator is the only tool I found that is easy to configurate and that work without pop up.
For configuration it was quit simple as I have a PC running only for LSprinting and working as an operator console. I installed PDFCreator on this PC and I just fixed it's IP adress on the LAN, so I was able to configurate two "PDF virtual printers" (see file).


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