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This site is now owned and operated by Thomas E. Mitchell at the request of the original creator Thomas Junker. Thomas E. Mitchell is also an employee of TransVirtual Systems, proprietors in cooperation with Compucom of the New VS, also known as the VS22000.  Thomas E. Mitchell will not sell or otherwise disclose undisplayed member information such as email addresses to anyone but reserves the right to personally contact members regarding the New VS. Thomas E. Mitchell does not endorse any 'Ads by Google' displayed on this site.  There is no charge for membership or use of this site.  Members are expected to observe traditional and customary standards of decency in anything they post. Thomas E. Mitchell reserves the right to ban anyone who attempts to use this site to sell products or services unrelated to the VS or anything that in the judgment of Thomas E. Mitchell is not in the interest of the VS community.


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