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End of The Wang VS Community On Ning

After many years of minimal activity, I have decided to retire "The Wang VS Community" on Ning, and incorporate some or all of it into the web server that hosts "The Unofficial Wang VS Information Center", at the end of July 2019. This will allow me to better focus my limited resources on these projects that, while of great personal interest, do take time and money from my other endeavors.

The data export seems not to want to completely export the full contents of this site. Also,…


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VSGX and Lightspeed Supported Beyond 2014

Some folks have been confused by CompuCom's announcement of the end of Wang VS hardware support at the end of 2014. Legacy VS hardware will no longer be supported. This will not affect current VSGX [New VS] users except those few who have remaining legacy devices attached to their VSGX. TVS issued a statement, "VSGX…

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Accessing The VS Via Lightspeed From iPad

With the increasing use of iPads and other pad computing devices in the corporate environment, I want to pass on a solution from a Lightspeed customer for accessing the VS from an iPad. This solution utilizes Windows RDP and a terminal server. I would think that it could also be used to connect with desktop computers running Windows "Pro" versions or above via Remote Desktop.

After several false starts, with RDP apps that did not fully extend the keyboard, they were able to find a…


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Secure Lightspeed Connections The Free Way

How many of you have used lightspeed to connect to the VS remotely? Now, how many of you have lost your ability to connect remotely because of newer, more strict security guidelines? Does your office have a VPN? If not, you can use SSH, or secure Shell, to connect to your New VS securely. You can use a free, easy to use Windows secure Shell client called "puTTY" to make a secure connection to the new VS. With version 2.9.4 or above of Lightspeed you can tunnel your Lightspeed connection…


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2256GUI Also Available

Although I intended to introduce 2256GUI in a future article on common freeware tools that can be used to extend the VS experience it, I thought I would put it out there for community members now should they have a need for it. 2256GUI uses the freeware utility AutoHotKey to provide a GUI toolbar for the 2256net program for Windows.

The toolbar provides buttons for all 32 pfKeys as well as the Help, Erase, GL and Cancel keys, a screen capture button and buttons to grow…


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VS_SendMail Available For Download

There have been some casual inquiries regarding sending emails from the VS and how and whether it was possible. TJ asked me to look into it back in April when I suggested that "it should be pretty easy." I had a bare-bones proof-of-concept application running in a day. I then turned that from a wholly hard-coded example into a usable example, sans documentation. Then, it was shelved for a while.

I recently picked it back up and tweaked it a little. I also added a bit…


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Wang Friend Finder Update

I have added 17 new entries to the Wang Friend Finder page on The Unofficial Wang VS Information Center. I have also added Help Center Live and tweaked a few other items. Have a look around while you are there checking out old friends on the Wang Friend Finder page.

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I think Ning's billing Department was somewhat overwhelmed by the recent transition. I admit, I was holding my breath until our subscription was processed. So, Welcome to our Ning Plus-powered Wang VS Community. I also extend a special welcome to our spate of new members.



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As You May Have Noticed... is changing their hosting model. We will indeed be moving forward with their new paid service and have been anxiously awaiting the rollout. We anticipate more activity here in the near future and welcome all to continue vigorous participation.



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The Passing Of A VS Legend

The VS community has lost one of its greatest champions. Thomas Junker, the longstanding author of "The Unofficial Wang VS Information Center", has lost his battle with cancer. At his request this site will continue to serve the VS community.


Added by Thomas E. Mitchell on June 8, 2010 at 12:30pm — 7 Comments

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