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Although I intended to introduce 2256GUI in a future article on common freeware tools that can be used to extend the VS experience it, I thought I would put it out there for community members now should they have a need for it. 2256GUI uses the freeware utility AutoHotKey to provide a GUI toolbar for the 2256net program for Windows.

The toolbar provides buttons for all 32 pfKeys as well as the Help, Erase, GL and Cancel keys, a screen capture button and buttons to grow or shrink the toolbar. Opening and closing the toolbar does the same for the 2256net program too. The file is available for download at Just extract, configure the 2256net connection and go. No installation needed.

AutoHotKey scripts are wildly customizable and 2256GUI is no exception. You can easily get caught up in scripting all kinds of features. For instance, I originally only intended on scripting the buttons for the pfKeys and the Erase button, which I can never remember the keyboard shortcut for, but ended up doing the screen capture button...and then the resizing buttons because they seemed like good ideas...and then the 2256net opening and closing. Very addictive so be careful when you start adding your own features :-).


Disclaimer: If you have any questions about 2256GUI I would be glad to try to answer them but, this is not an officially supported TVS product.

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