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With the increasing use of iPads and other pad computing devices in the corporate environment, I want to pass on a solution from a Lightspeed customer for accessing the VS from an iPad. This solution utilizes Windows RDP and a terminal server. I would think that it could also be used to connect with desktop computers running Windows "Pro" versions or above via Remote Desktop.

After several false starts, with RDP apps that did not fully extend the keyboard, they were able to find a working solution. Here is the pertinent information quoted from the customer:

...we tested 7 different RDP apps and we found one from Wyse that
extends the iPad keyboard with all the missing keys that can be found
on a physical keyboard (i.e. shift, ctrl, alt, tab, arrows, ....).
Using these extra keys it is easy to activate the shifted LS PF-keys.
So problem solved.

In case it would interest you the app is the following:
- Using the "App Store" on the iPad find the app
    -  "Wyse PocketCloud Remote Desktop - RDP/VNC" for the free
    -  "Wyse PocketCloud Remote Desktop PRO - RDP/VNC" for the paid
version (cost 13.99 EUR)
- Current version is 2.2.137 from Wyse Technology Inc.
- The freeware version is limited to only one RDP client
- The PRO  version  makes configuration of more clients possible...

If you have had success accessing the VS from portable devices, please feel free to share them here.


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