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Here at TransVirtual we are in the last stages of building a 7-way New VS; that is, it is a single 8-core Dell PowerEdge running seven independent instances of New VSs, each running at its rated speed and each with its own configuration, virtual disk volumes, and console. All 7 are linked by WSN, with remote logon and file transfer between any of them. Each also has its own Lightspeed NVS virtual gateway. The server has 2 x 73 GB SAS drives and 4 x 300 GB SAS drives. These form a RAID1 array and a RAID5 array. There is also an RD1000 removable disk bay for "bare metal" backup/restore.

This is really quite remarkable. Under our fingertips, in one server, we have the potential processing capacity of more than 16 VS18950s... a total FAST of over 105,000, whereas a single VS18950 is rated at 6,300.

This system is scripted to start all seven instances and their virtual TCB1/WSN devices at one double-click. All seven instances are fully IPLd in less than 5 minutes.

We have discovered some wrinkles in WSN that we are ironing out. At the moment we dont' know whether the wrinkles are in the VS OS/WSN or in our virtual TCB1/WSN device. Could be either. Our device is relatively new, but we don't think there is a lot of WSN in use around the world anymore, especially not at the OS 7.54.12 level. We'll see soon enough.

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Comment by Thomas Junker on May 12, 2009 at 4:58pm
This system has been crated and is scheduled to ship today.
Comment by Thomas Junker on May 8, 2009 at 8:31pm
There is now a snapshot of the 7-way New VS in the Photos section, with detailed description.

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