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I worked for a Behavioral Health Care Company in Georgia for 20 years. In the mid 80's the company started installing Wang systems in all are old and new facilities. We had VS15's, VS65', VS75(E)'s. Once the VS5000 product line came out, we upgraded all facilities with them, approx 80+ including 10+ systems at our corporate office, used for production, testing, development, etc. One of the best systems I ever worked with. At corporate we had the VS12000 product line and started housing all applications and having users log in remotely to access. Used the LightSpeed product once Lan's became prominent, Used Wangs reverse logon application on our IBM mainframe to allow facilities the company bought that had Dec/Vax systems to access the corporate systems. Had all systems networked via WSN utilizing our frame relay communications with Cisco routers using serial tunneling. Like Wang, this company went from the largest BHCC to nothing overnight and closed it's doors in 2001. I miss working on those great systems.

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Comment by Thomas Junker on April 7, 2009 at 1:58pm
Welcome, Chuck! The refrain I've heard most often in the almost 14 years I've been operating the Unofficial Wang VS Information Center website has been that the VS was the best system anyone ever work with. We're pleased to have made the VS viable once again in its new industry-standard server platform.

I worked first with the VS80 from 1984 onward, and later with most larger VS models up through VS16850 and VS5000/6000. I own about a dozen VS5000/6000/6230 systems myself, but since the New VS became stable and deployed in 2005 I far prefer using the New VS than the legacy VS.

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