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New Intel QPI chip sets new record for VS performance

We're still finalizing the numbers, but early results indicate that the new QPI technology in Intel processors has pushed up the high-end New VS performance. Tests were conducted recently on a Dell R710 server configured with the Intel 5570 Xeon Quad processor running at 2.93 GHz with 8 MB cache and 1333 MHz memory speed. The chip's Turbo mode causes it to run at an effective speed of about 3.2 GHz, but the performance running the New VS comes from the cache and the higher memory bandwidth. QPI is Intel's QuickPath Interconnect, which replaces the older Front Side Bus technology and reaches new highs in memory bandwidth.

The new high-end performance may be in the neighborhood of FAST 17000, about 2.7 times the performance of the legacy VS18950.

Both Dell and IBM are moving to the new QPI technology in their server lines. TransVirtual Systems moves with the server vendors to current technology. This marks the third time since the introduction of the New VS that TransVirtual has advanced to a new generation of processor and server.

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Comment by Thomas Junker on April 15, 2010 at 11:59am
It turns out that the QPI machines, while offering a potentially very high speed, present difficulties to the virtual VS by varying their speed. We're looking into how best to deal with this.

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