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How many of you have used lightspeed to connect to the VS remotely? Now, how many of you have lost your ability to connect remotely because of newer, more strict security guidelines? Does your office have a VPN? If not, you can use SSH, or secure Shell, to connect to your New VS securely. You can use a free, easy to use Windows secure Shell client called "puTTY" to make a secure connection to the new VS. With version 2.9.4 or above of Lightspeed you can tunnel your Lightspeed connection through puTTY.

For my use, I set up my New VS connections to be able to tunnel both Lightspeed and 2256net, as well as the ports needed for Shared Desktop. This type of connectivity allows me to do virtually everything I need to be able to do to support a new VS anywhere in the world, and do it securely.

If you are not already using puTTY I wholeheartedly recommend that you give it a try. Even if you have a VPN, using puTTY is generally easier than connecting to your VPN. You can still surf the web, check your personal e-mail or anything else you might generally need to do on your PC, without having to worry what the network administrators at work have blocked.

All you need from your network administrators is a single TCP port forwarded to the new VS. TVS generally recommends that you use a high port number that is not a common port used by hackers. This port is then forwarded to port 22 on the new VS.

If you have any questions about how to use puTTY to make secure Lightspeed connections from home, please let me know. You can either post here on the community website or if you need a faster response you can e-mail me at my TVS e-mail address, "tmitchell at".

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