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Since 1985 I'am using the WangVS system. We developped our programs in Cobol. We made several released and I'am still surprised how modern is this system.
Modern because we are getting on the the NewVS thru the Lightspeed, a very low band consumming client, which is a great advantage when accessing the NewVS remotely.
Even when using a cellphone as a modem, it is fast enough to work confortably from your portable PC everywhere.
I connect on my office LAN thru a VPN and after I connect myself on the NewVS thru Lightspeed. It is working well and even with a cellphone it cost only a few cents or francs. As the connection and the data transfer is fast, my work efficiency is not affected by the quality of the transfer rate.
My hope for the NewVS is that it takes a new start specially in new business which never worked with the VS before. A nice idea although would to be able to be able to configurate a PDF printer thru LS printing.
Last week a business collegue saw me working with my portable PC and asked me if I was directly connected to my applications. For me that was the proof that my NewVS is still very accurate.
I just regret that the french speaking part of VS users is pretty small.

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Comment by Wim Stijnman on April 30, 2009 at 2:23pm
An implementation of PDF conversion via LS printing may be obtained as follows.
It requires a standard LS virtual printer and a PCL to PDF conversion tool at the printer gateway, in this case "pcl2pdf32" (scan the internet).
At the printer gateway, in the LSPC - Configure PC Printers screen, the following executable command with parameters is specified for the printer:
"pcl2pdf %F x:\wang\pdfs\ %U" (that is, without the quotes!)
pcl2pdf = name of a script in the LS subdirectory specified below;
%F = argument containing the generated print file name;
x:\wang\pdfs\ = destination path for the converted PDF files;
%U = argument containing Wang VS User ID (added because for unknown reason this is omitted by transparent printing).

The conversion script pcl2pdf.bat in the LS subdirectory:
type %1 | pcl2pdf32.exe con %1_%3.pdf -pages -BM:20.5
if not exist "%2" md "%2"
move "c:\temp\*_%3.*" %2
del %1
The symbolic parameters in the script correspond with the parameters of the command specified with the gateway printer.
The path specified should be preferably a network drive accessible by the gateway, it must at least be accessible from the workstations.
Bonne chance!
P.S. Consider also how small the dutch speaking part of VS users may be.

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