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I finally decided to look into Twitter... nothing that had come my way had actually explained what it was or how it worked. OK, now I get it. I have no interest in using it for personal things but I thought I might try it out for VS and company things.

I am "WangVS" on Twitter. My "tweets" are public, and if you want to "follow" them you can, without approval. If you don't know about Twitter, you can see my "tweets" by visiting here:

I can't predict exactly what kinds of Wang VS or TransVirtual Systems information I'll post, but I'll try to make it relevant. Feel free, if you're a Twitter kind of person, to "follow me" and I'll approve you.

I think I'll probably post things that are not company confidential but may help you keep in touch with the kinds of things we are doing. For instance, had I been on Twitter in recent weeks I might have mentioned a visit from our largest customer, progress on ODBC, and a visit by Ernest Schreurs, the author of the original VS Emulator. I won't be posting about going to sleep or waking up, or about my medical things or doctor visits. Nor, as in the recent Verizon TV ad campaign, that "I am sitting on the patio." I'll try to post tidbits that may help people in the VS community to get a better understanding of the little things going on here in the New VS world that add up to the big things.

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Comment by Thomas Junker on September 25, 2009 at 3:40am
I had set up my Twitter account as "protected," meaning that I had to approve anyone desiring to follow my "tweets." Twitter has a bug issue with protected accounts so I changed mine to unprotected. Now all anyone has to do is find me in Twitter and "follow" me.

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