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Are there any more VS Emulator Apps, Games, Utilties available that you have run across?

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Comment by Thomas Junker on May 8, 2009 at 5:47am
That would be Ernest R. Schreurs. Only one 'e'. He is a member here.
Comment by Thomas Junker on May 8, 2009 at 5:43am
Any more than what? There has always been a collection of VS stuff, originally in USERAIDS, including a hangman game and silly stuff like a birthday program that locks the workstation until the next IPL, presumably to let the user off for the day.

There is a PC-based VS emulator by Ernest Schreuers (sp?) of The Netherlands. It doesn't run the VS OS, though, not being a true and complete machine emulator. It duplicates important VS OS functionality and is able to run the EDITOR and ASSEMBLER and maybe the compilers as well as some utilities. Ernest has visited me several times and is fully supportive of the New VS.

There have long been third party utilities, but some of them have faded away. Principal among VS utilities from third parties are the USI utilities: Back Burner backup restore, Short Order sort, and Over Easy with Eggshell file reorganization. They were written in assembly language and are far better and more efficient than the original VS utilities they replace. Eggshell, in particular, uses OVEREASY in a nice shell mode to reorg files in place, without having to fiddle with COPY with REORG - YES and manipulate multiple filenames and do relabels of files to get a final result. It can also scan for crashed indexed files and reorg them, by volume, library file, or a set of marked files. It can also work from premade worklists to scan or reorg only selected files, libraries, volumes, to avoid scanning places that won't have crashed indexed files.

USI closed its doors in 2001 or so but Compucom (Getronics, Wang) now controls the licensing, although I don't think they can issue new licences, only move licenses to new CP types for upgrades to the New VS.

CPMS, originally by Minitech, I think, of the U.K., later owned by Prometrics of the U.K., was widely used in Europe and the U.S. It had several major packages, the most common being its backup/restore, but the name comes from Performance Measurement System or something like that. It even delved into the diagnostic functions of the Serial IOP to make measurements of workstation utilization. Of course its hardware-sensitive functions won't work on the New VS but its backup/restore and job scheduling functions should work, and perhaps some of its performance measurement functions.

Prometrics still exists last time I checked, and was willing to become a developer licensee for the New VS and support CPMS on the New VS, although no actual steps have been taken in that direction. We have a few customers who have CPMS and might be able to tell us how well the backup/restore works on the New VS. We ourselves have not had the opportunity to test it.

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