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There have been some casual inquiries regarding sending emails from the VS and how and whether it was possible. TJ asked me to look into it back in April when I suggested that "it should be pretty easy." I had a bare-bones proof-of-concept application running in a day. I then turned that from a wholly hard-coded example into a usable example, sans documentation. Then, it was shelved for a while.

I recently picked it back up and tweaked it a little. I also added a bit of documentation and installation scripts. It is usable as-is or can be used as the basis of your own more complex application. I anticipate more documentation in the near future to make it easier for those not using the Operations Center to set up multiple email configurations.

VS_SendMail can be downloaded from There are two files called vs_sendmail, one .tgz and one .zip. Both are required. The .tgz file contains the files to be installed in Linux. The .zip file contains the VS files in Lightspeed Backup format. Both archives include the README file. Download and enjoy.


Disclaimer: If you have any questions about VS_SendMail I would be glad to try to answer them but, this is not an officially supported TVS product.

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