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At 2:52pm on March 23, 2009, Jos M. Nijs said…
The Netherlands,
For 10 years ago I left a local government office in Rotterdam. The branch where I was working maintained some 1000 pc's. First, when the pc's were invented, there was no network to connect them to a server. Many of the pc's were connected with wloc cards to a few Wang VS100 mini's or HP 3000 mini.. Later, someone invented the server. So most of the endusers were happy that they could disconnect to the VS ;-(. Freedom at last. Of course the large amount of pc's needed again some central point for backup and management. My job was, in a team of collegues, to operate that server park, and connecting all those pc's a the center. (and giving them rights first on Novell 3.12 later on MS NT4 network).
Some weeks ago, someone in my country was looking for a home for an abanded VS5600. It was last used in 2001. Almost all the system engineers the has left that firm. Therefor I have a working Wang VS (and many Wang pc's) without a proper userid and/or password. But it is great to watch the wellknown login screen. I am working to find one of the last system engineers, who probably know a supervisor id.
I keep you informed.

Jos M. Nijs
At 4:22pm on January 27, 2009, Wim Stijnman said…
I hoped to retire together with our Wang Vs systems. But now, after almost 30 years of tender loving care, I'm retired and the Wangs are not. In the Netherlands some 3 or 4 companies still run them. My ex-employer has 3 machines operational, 2 for production with a couple of hundred daily users and one for application maintenance. They will remain operational another 2 or 3 years.
It does not yet seem right to me that all my knowledge and experience collected with the Wang VS operation and programming is soon outdated. It has been fun though, working with the machine and getting our Basic programmed applications perform like anything.
At 8:01am on December 11, 2008, John Loughnan said…
Thanks Thomas - there does not seem to be many VS users around anymore. I think I am the last one actually working on the VS for Getronics - still running systems and developing programs. Cheers John
At 4:28pm on December 8, 2008, Ernest R. Schreurs said…
Hi Tom. It's nice to renew our contact, and I am glad you guys survived all the horrible wheather. I hope this forum software will result in some more interaction between the last standing people who know what a VS is all about.
At 1:06am on December 6, 2008, Ferns said…
Howdy Thomas, I started a retro/historical site dedicated to the people that worked with Wang in Southern Africa. Membership jumped up nicely... so if you like take it for a test drive here...
Loved the VS and the OIS... and amazed that the VS is still out there...
At 9:07pm on December 4, 2008, Bob Russo said…
Hi Thomas,

Glad to see you are doing well with the new VS and nice job setting up this site.
At 7:32am on December 4, 2008, Roger Freeman said…
Hi Thomas,

I am still running a VS16K but it is strictly archival and used for inquiry only. There is a project on the schedule to retire this system but it seems to keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list.
At 9:55am on December 3, 2008, Ivan Jerez Mussatto said…
Hi Thomas,

Long time. Today I'm working .Net environment, our VS was turn off last year :-(. In Chile may be exist two or one VS customer yet.
At 11:01pm on November 17, 2008, David Burn said…
Hi Thomas.

These days I am "playing" with MS-SQL Server and DB/2 on an AS/400. Our last VS was put into maintenance/inquiry- only mode about 15 months ago, and is the sole remaining machine from a cluster of 5 that were running in the various states across Australia. It's okay, I guess.

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